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About Self-Report
Connect your wallet and sign a message to self-report a sybil address. Self-reporting an address as sybil entitles that address to 15% of its planned token allocation, no questions asked. This reporting process will be open for 14 days, starting May 3rd. For industrial sybil activities, we are also providing an API for mass reporting.

If a sybil user does not self-report within 14 days, LayerZero Labs will move into the following two phases:

• Phase 1: We will release our own list of identified sybil addresses—those who did not self-report will receive nothing. (May 18th)

• Phase 2: We will open a bounty program where community members can submit detailed reports of sybil activity. If the report meets the requirements, the bounty hunter will get 10% of the sybil’s intended allocation. The sybil user will receive nothing. (May 18th-31st)

To be clear, addresses that fail to self-report and are later found to have engaged in sybil activities will receive no token allocation.
Am I a Sybil?
Disclosure: All allocation eligibility will be subject to any legal or geographic requirements and each transaction is signed on-chain and should be considered permanent.
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